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Choose the right Financial Adviser for you

If you are seeking a legitimate, trustworthy Financial Adviser in Melbourne, whose clients rate them as one of the best Financial Planners around, then you need to meet Ilya.

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Need Financial Advice in Melbourne?

When it comes to your finances, are you fearing the unknown? Do you resent the time and effort it could take to find out what you could achieve financially?

You are not alone. Many of us stick to what we know, finding new areas of financial knowledge challenging to grasp or accept. We may feel awkward or even embarrassed to talk about our circumstances. Or we may simply be oblivious to the benefits that are available for us.

Selecting the right Financial Planner can help you improve your retirement plans and achieve much more than you may realise is possible.

It can also help you arrange finances for a family member’s transition into Residential Aged Care, by maximising the value of the estate and more. 

See what can be achieved for your future. Speak with Ilya.

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Melbourne Financial Adviser services

Whether you are planning your retirement, managing your retirement, managing your debt, or arranging finances for your family members to transition to residential aged care, if you want to ensure the safety and security of your financials, Ilya Egorov has the credibility, experience, and approach to make sure it happens.

Ilya’s comprehensive Financial Planner services will save you money you never even knew could be saved.

Meet one of Melbourne’s most trusted Financial Advisers

Ilya Egorov is a Financial Planner and Director of Financial Balance Group, specialising in helping people with their retirement planning and Aged Care financial advice.

He has over a decade of working as a Senior Financial Adviser at one of Australia’s big four banks. Using the knowledge and experience he gained, he learned to formulate his own practical approach to providing solid financial advice.

Ilya has achieved a Bachelor of Economics, Master of Accounting and Financial Management, Diploma of Financial Planning, Graduate Diploma of Financial Planning, and has an SMSF accreditation. He is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® Professional and an Aged Care Specialist.

Ilya’s values of integrity, trustworthiness, competence, respect, commitment, and care see him providing some of the best, most trusted financial advice in Melbourne.

Keen to know more? Contact Ilya for a no-obligation chat.

Success story

Jane, a single mum in her 50s, was at the crossroads with her finances. As a new divorcee, who had moved into her new home with her teenage son, Jane was anxious about the rising cost of her life insurance premiums and an uncertain financial outlook.

Ilya engaged Jane in a comprehensive discussion that went beyond just life insurance planning. Together, they achieved:

Life Insurance:

a restructure of Jane’s coverage that resulted in improved value for money. Most premiums could also be paid through her superannuation, reducing Jane’s out-of-pocket expenses.


Following an in-depth analysis of Jane’s current fund, Ilya found a more efficient, lower-cost option for her, setting her on course for a more prosperous retirement.

Salary Sacrificing:

The savings on insurance premiums allowed Jane to put more into her superannuation, ensuring better future financial stability.


Funds were relocated from saved insurance premiums, enabling Jane to increase her home loan repayments, and set her up on track to be mortgage-free by her expected retirement age.

Estate Planning:

Ilya connected Jane with a qualified solicitor to prepare her Will and Powers of Attorney, offering her peace of mind when it came to her son.

Having received the best holistic financial advice, Jane now has a financial plan on which she and her son can rely. She has less anxiety and stronger confidence about her future. 


The cost of seeing a Financial Adviser in Melbourne can vary, depending on how that Adviser charges. Some Advisers charge a fee based on a percentage of your assets, regardless of how those assets perform into the future. Others, like Ilya, charge a flat fee, resulting in greater value for you. Contact Ilya for a no-obligation chat and a quote today.

There is no obligation to use a Financial Planning Service. But the benefits of using one far outweigh the lost opportunities of trying to do it alone. Do you know how much extra you could be saving? Better understand how you could benefit – view the outcomes you could start achieving today.

When you work with a Financial Adviser, you can better understand, plan, and manage your finances for future security and peace of mind. As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® Professional and an Aged Care Specialist (ACS), Ilya offers a 6-step financial planner process to help you achieve this.

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