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What makes a trusted Financial Adviser?

If you are seeking a reliable Financial Adviser to help you retire on your terms, don’t just check out their values to ensure they are aligned with yours. Check that they are actually integrated into their planning process.

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How do I know I can trust my Financial Adviser?

It’s very hard to know who you can and can’t trust with your finances. After all, your finances are the result of your many years of hard work and they determine your future.

To help start you off, we recommend taking note of the following 6 essentials for trusting a Financial Adviser:

  1. Good core values
  2. Strong credentials and educational background
  3. Sound knowledge and experience with a credible history working in the field
  4. A personalised service that goes above and beyond
  5. Demonstrated outcomes and feedback from past and existing customers
  6. A fair and transparent payment plan

Find out more about why the people of Melbourne are trusting Ilya Egorov.

Expert financial advice you can trust

Whether you are planning your retirement, managing your retirement or arranging finances for your family members to transition to residential aged care, Ilya has what it takes – experience, education, passion, honesty and integrity – to help you achieve your goals.

Ilya demonstrates integrity, trustworthiness, competence, respect, commitment, and care in the work he delivers.

Ilya operates under a flat fee model (as opposed to a percentage fee) and offers flexible payment options, resulting in an affordable solution and greater value for you.

Ilya will go above and beyond for his clients, taking a fair, caring, and respectful approach to ensure optimised outcomes.

Many of Ilya’s clients find peace of mind in the advice he provides, often resulting in reduced risk around their investment. This occurs because they feel more comfortable with preserving their hard-earned money later in life, as they reach retirement. Ilya enables his clients to live their lives to the fullest without worry.

Learn more about Ilya’s trusted independent financial adviser services.


A trusted Financial Adviser is someone who can help build a personalised, comprehensive retirement plan with you leveraging their knowledge of tax, superannuation, social security, investments and estate planning. To be trusted, they also need to exhibit the 6 core essentials that clearly show their abilities and integrity. And importantly, they need to have worked with real clients delivering real outcomes with demonstrated benefits.

A Financial Adviser must be licenced through an Australian financial services (AFS) licence to conduct a financial services business, which is regulated by ASIC. They must comply with the Corporations Act 2021 to be able to provide advice in relation to specific financial products, as well as the Financial Planners and Advisers Code of Ethics 2019, which establishes 12 high-level ethical standards for financial advisers to meet. There are also the education requirements for new and existing advisers, including a professional exam and specialised degrees and courses to ensure the appropriate training and ethical standards are met.

Every Financial Adviser in Australia must be registered on the ASIC Financial Advisers Register, and either hold an Australian Financial Services Licence approved by ASIC or be licensed by an AFSL holder. AFSLs have regulatory duties and responsibilities to ensure that advisers comply with the law, maintain professional development, and that they report and deal with any misconduct appropriately.

To know if your Financial Adviser is trustworthy, check that they have demonstrated the 6 core essentials that clearly show their abilities and integrity.

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Meet one of Melbourne’s most trusted Financial Advisers

A trusted Financial Planner and Director of Financial Balance Group, Ilya Egorov specialises in helping people in Melbourne with their retirement planning and aged care financial advice.

Prior to establishing Financial Balance Group, Ilya gained a decade of experience working as a senior financial adviser at one of Australia’s big four banks. Now operating as a local small business owner, he’s developed his own values-based approach to retirement planning and aged care, becoming one of Melbourne’s most trusted Financial Advisers in retirement planning and aged care financial advice.

Success story

Baryl saw Ilya a year after losing her husband of nearly 50 years. Up until this point, she hadn’t been involved in managing her finances, and has developed a deep-rooted anxiety about finances owing to her lack of confidence in the matter.

Having received a letter from Centrelink, stating that she had been overpaid and that her Centrelink debt was $7,500, Baryl contacted Ilya for advice. She wanted to prevent any future Centrelink debt and ensure she receives the right rate of age pension.

Together, Ilya and Baryl identified her near-term plans, and established how much income she needs – modelling a realistic projection of her assets, liabilities, income, social security payments and expenses. They secured her assets by reducing the investment risk in her default industry fund investments, which had a higher risk than was necessary for Beryl. And, taking advantage of peaked interest rates, they invested some funds into short-term guaranteed income, helping to protect capital against high inflation.

A financial nominee service has been provided to Beryl, so she didn’t have to liaise with Centrelink. And we updated her details and records to ensure future over-payments are avoided.

In addition, a tailored strategy we implemented saved Baryl over $36,000 for her estate, by reducing the potential superannuation death benefit tax, which would be withheld by the ATO if her super was to be paid to her daughters as a death benefit at the present time.

The advice to Baryl regarding the restructuring of her finances has left her reassured in her ability to live out her plans with the income she needs, knowing her money will last her for the rest of her life – as well as enabling some inheritance to be left to her two daughters.

This situation demonstrates how a trusted Adviser can help with your retirement strategy and restore your confidence in your future.

Do you need help with a comprehensive retirement plan? Are you arranging finances for your family member to go into Aged Care? Contact Ilya, your trusted Financial Adviser today.