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Retirement Planning

Helping pre-retirees with a clearer approach to managing money, dealing with debt, a more disciplined path forward, and a better future.

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Maximise your probability of a comfortable retirement

Work with us to:

    • Identify how much you will need to enjoy the lifestyle you want in retirement
    • Prepare and implement a personalised retirement planning strategy to help you achieve your goals
    • Make your superannuation work better for you
    • Manage debt more efficiently to achieve a debt-free retirement
    • Manage your budget and cashflow
    • Start saving more
    • Introduce transition to your retirement strategies to improve your retirement outcomes
    • Understand your Centrelink eligibility and calculate your potential entitlements

Do you fear facing money matters? Could you be experiencing the fear of missing out, stemming from feelings of financial uncertainty, or lack of confidence? Perhaps you are trying to sort through your financial commitments and are dealing with complexities such as managing financial commitments for older children, financial consequences of divorce, managing rent or a mortgage? Is your superannuation balance looking a little too low or not growing enough? Do you have accumulated debt? Perhaps you are thinking, “Will there be enough at the end of the day?” If you feel there is no way out, rest assured, there is. And we can help.

With Financial Balance Group’s personalised process and tailored advice, you can look forward to a clearer approach to managing money, a more disciplined path forward, and a better budgeted future, leading to: 

    • More choices in retirement
    • Better clarity about how long your savings and investment will last in retirement
    • Less complexity
    • Reduced stress and anxiety, and a stronger confidence about the future

Success story

Jane, a single mum in her 50s, was at the crossroads with her finances. As a new divorcee, who had moved into her new home with her teenage son, Jane was anxious about the rising cost of her life insurance premiums and an uncertain financial outlook. Ilya engaged Jane in a comprehensive discussion that went beyond just life insurance planning. Together, they achieved:

Life Insurance:

a restructure of Jane’s coverage that resulted in improved value for money. Most premiums could also be paid through her superannuation, reducing Jane’s out-of-pocket expenses.


Following an in-depth analysis of Jane’s current fund, Ilya found a more efficient, lower-cost option for her, setting her on course for a more prosperous retirement.

Salary Sacrificing:

The savings on insurance premiums allowed Jane to put more into her superannuation, ensuring better future financial stability.


Funds were relocated from saved insurance premiums, enabling Jane to increase her home loan repayments, and set her up on track to be mortgage-free by her expected retirement age.

Estate Planning:

Ilya connected Jane with a qualified solicitor to prepare her Will and Powers of Attorney, offering her peace of mind when it came to her son.

Having received the best holistic financial advice, Jane now has a financial plan on which she and her son can rely. She has less anxiety and stronger confidence about her future.

Disclaimer: The above case study does not take into account your own personal and financial circumstances and should not be used as a basis for financial decisions. It is essential to seek advice tailored to your specific circumstances, so that your financial path can be navigated with precision and care.

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